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Names and the meaning of names. A name is often given to a baby to carry on a tradition, or the memory of someone. A name is something that should not be taken lightly, for your baby will live with your decision, for all of their time. You will brand that child with a name that they will be called, every day of their lives. It is a long-term, lasting decision to name your baby. Consider the meaning of names.

Names have meanings! Select your babies name with the meaning that reaches your heart, your heritage or out to someone you know and respect. The time when we named our children after their grandparents and your family history looked like the same person lived over and over and over have gone. It is the trend today to give your child a name that no one else has. A name that is beyond the normal Bob, Jim and John. A name that distinguishes them as a one and only entity. Give you baby a name that will separate him from the crowd. Give her a name that is just plain lovely.

We have set this book up keeping boys and girls names separate. It just seems easier that way. Click on the links at your left to go to the list you want.

Whenever we have the information we have included the meaning and origin of the name.

We have also included spelling variations of many names. It seems today that the way a name is spelled means everything.

Our list of baby names stems from many origins. The listed names have origins in European names, English names, African names, Hawaiian names, Jewish names, Muslim names, Russian names and much more. Browse through the pages. We have thousands of baby name ideas for you.

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